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The apparent digestibility of phytate phosphorus and the influence of supplemental phytase in horses

Published: 2004-08-30

Brief content of the article.
Availability of phytate-bound P as influenced by supplemental phytase was studied in eight horses consuming four diets in a 4 x 4 Latin square design experiment. The treatments were a control (containing a low P level, 18.4 g/d) and three high-P diets. These diets contained P as monocalcium phosphate (MCP; 43.7 g/d), myoinositol hexakisphosphate in the form of wheat and
rice bran (MIHP; 41.8 g/d), or MIHP with microbial phytase (MIHPP; 42.5 g/d). The proportions of phytate-bound P were 3, 1, 55, and 56% for the control, MCP, MIHP, and MIHPP, respectively. The MIHPP diet was supplemented with 300 phytase units (FTU)/kg (as-fed basis). Feces and urine were collected quantitatively and analyzed for P, Ca, and Mg. Urinary P excretion was lower (P < 0.05) with the control diet (0 g of P/d) than with the MCP diet (1.0 g of P/d). The low urinary P excretion (0.3 g of P/d) for the MIHP diet suggested low P availability compared with the MCP diet, but apparent digestibility of P expressed as a percentage of intake did not differ (P = 0.065) between these diets. Apparent Ca digestibility was lower (P < 0.05) for the MIHP diet than for the MCP diet (26.4 vs. 42.4%). This difference may have been caused by the origin of the Ca in these diets. Phytase supplementation increased apparent Ca digestibility from 26.4 to 31.5% (P < 0.05). Magnesium was not influenced by the level of phytate in the diet. The data indicated that phytase supplementation had more influence on Ca digestibility than on P digestibility and suggest that phytase supplementation may be beneficial for improving Ca digestibility for horses receiving a phytate-rich diet. The abstract may also be obtained of the following website:
Key Words: Calcium ; Horses; Magnesium; Phytase; Phytate; Phosphorus

D. A. van Doorn, H. Everts, H. Wouterse and A. C. Beynen. 2004. The apparent digestibility of phytate phosphorus and the influence of supplemental phytase in horses. J. Anim. Sci. 82: 1756-1763.

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