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Deficiency of the glutathione system in the racehorse

Published: 2004-12-21

Brief content of the abstract
Glutathione is one of the most important body antioxidants involved during exercise. The aim of the first experiment of these authors was to characterize changes in the blood glutathione system in healthy trained horses during an intense exercise period (experiment 1) and additionally, during a 3-month training and race period (2nd experiment). Overall conclusion of these authors was that their results suggest that horses experience oxidative stress during short term exercise and during racing, which in turn induces significant modifications on the glutathione system.
Keywords; oxidative stress; gluthatione; exercise.

Moffarts, B de, Kirschvink, N., Art, T., Pincemail, J., Lekeux, P. de Moffarts, B. 2004. Deficiency of the glutathione system in the racehorse.(French title: Deficience du systeme glutathion chez le cheval de course.) 30eme journee de la recherche equine, 3 mars 2004: 77-83 (abstract).

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