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Equine goiter associated with excess dietary iodine

Published: 2004-12-21

Brief content of the article
Naturally occurring goitre cases are described in 2 newborn Arabian foals whose mares were supplemented with excess iodine during the final 24 weeks of pregnancy. Further, six nursing foals and 2 mares were also affected clinically with thyroid hypertrophy. The authors observed that at least 12 times the maximum tolerable level of iodine supplementation was given, as the daily iodine intake for each mare was 299 mg. The prevalence of goitre cases was 2% and 9% in mares and foals, respectively.
Keywords: goitre; Iodine; excess; toxcity.

Eroksuz, H., Eroksuz, Y., Ozer, H., Ceribasi, A.O., Yaman, I., Ilhan, N. 2004. Equine goiter associated with excess dietary iodine. Veterinary and Human Toxicology. 2004, 46: 147-149.

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