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Fat digestibility in Equus caballus follows increasing first-order kinetics

Published: 2004-12-21

Brief content of the article
The authors compiled the results of digestibility balance experiments on 23 feeds to test the hypotheses that true digestibility of fat approaches 100%, and that endogenous fecal fat can account for the difference between apparent and true digestibilities of added triglycerides and part of the difference for forages. The results indicated that test feeds with added fats demonstrated a true digestibility of fat approaching 100% and endogenous fecal fat loss was also calculated. The authors further wrote that low-fat diets may tend to increase the risk of a suboptimal status of vitamins A and E. An abstract can be found on the publisher’s website: .
Keywords: Enzyme kinetics; lipase; fat; energy; oils; digestibilities.

Kronfeld, D.S., Holland, J.L., Rich, G.A., Meacham, T.N., Fontenot, J.P., Sklan, D.J. and Harris, P.A. 2004. Fat digestibility in Equus caballus follows increasing first-order kinetics. Journal of Animal Science. 2004, 82: 6, 1773-1780.

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