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Feeding the older horse (Dutch article)

Published: 2005-05-12

Brief content of the article
Anneke Hallebeek discusses in this practical article if a special senior diet may be of benefit for the older horse. As dental condition may be a limiting factor in appropriate feed intake, the article present some raw materials, which may be used in a senior diet (e.g. beet pulp, oats meal, oil). By the use of fiber-rich raw materials, the amount of roughage can be limited which may be necessary for horses with poor dental condition. Further, supplementing immune-stimulating nutrients (Zinc, Vitamin E and C) may be beneficial.
Keywords: senior diet; old horses; feeding practice.

Hallebeek, A. 2005. Senioren voeding: voor oude paarden die mager worden.Veehouder en Dierenarts

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