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Amino acid concentrations in blood serum of horses performing long lasting low-intensity exercise

Published: 2005-10-05

Brief content of the article
Bergero et al. (2005) evaluated the changes in the concentrations, after two rides different for distance covered, of different amino acids in endurance horses. Blood samples were taken before the start, at the top of a steep slope and at the end of a 32-km endurance race. A second group of horses was also sampled before and after the race. Differences between start and end race amino acid concentrations have been observed (Check the full abstract on Pubmed for the effect on individual amino acids). The authors wrote that there results suggest that amino acids contributed to energy metabolism during long-lasting exercise. Amino acid supplementation might be helpful to disburden endogenous amino acid metabolism. However, more study is needed.
Keywords: ergogenic; lysine; tryptophan; endurance; exercise

Bergero, D, Assenza, A., Schiavone, A., Piccione, G., Perona, G., and Caola, G. 2005.

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