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Insulin resistance in the horse: Definition, detection, and dietetics

Published: 2006-02-20

Brief content of the article
These authors discuss the role of insulin resistance as a risk factor or component of equine diseases. Currently, no appropriate evidence is available for the prevention or treatment of insulin resistance in an equine disease. The author suggests that there is evidence available, to justify the avoidance of high-glycemic feeds, such as high starch intakes in grains, clover and alfalfa, and high fructan intakes in grasses. This may decrease the risk of acute digestive disturbances associated with rapid fermentation, and chronic metabolic disorders associated with insulin resistance. According to this author these types of feeds may also benefit athletic performance. A full abstract can be found on Pubmed or
Keywords: glycemic index, insulin; laminitis; starch; carbohydrates; fructan

Kronfeld, D.S., Treiber, K.H., Hess, T.M. and Boston, R.C. 2005. Insulin resistance in the horse: Definition, detection, and dietetics. J. Anim. Sci. 83 (Elec. Suppl.1 p.): E22-E31.

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