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New publications/references in the field of equine nutrition & Health 012006

Published: 2006-03-10

The following references in the field of equine nutrition have been published:
- Black walnut extract-induced laminitis in horses is associated with heterogeneous dysfunction of the laminar microvasculature. Peroni, J.F., Harrison, W.E., Moore, J.N., Graves, J.E. Lewis, S.J., Krunkosky, T.M. and Robertson, T.P. Equine-Veterinary-Journal. 2005; 37: 546-551.

- Selenium and vitamin E status correlated with myopathies of horses reared in farms in the Czech Republic. Ludvikova, E., Jahn, P., Pavlata, L., Vyskocil, M., Acta Veterinaria Brno. 2005; 74: 377-384

- Physiologic assessment of blood glucose homeostasis via combined intravenous glucose and insulin testing in horses. Eiler, H., Frank, N., Andrews, F.M. Oliver, J.W. Fecteau,.K.A. American Journal of Veterinary Research. 2005; 66: 1598-1604

- The effect of enzyme treatment on the in vitro fermentation of lucerne incubated with equine faecal inocula. Murray, J.A.M.D., Longland, A.C., Moore-Colyer, M.J.S.and Dunnett, C. British-Journal-of-Nutrition. 2005; 94(5): 771-782

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- Effects of 'warm-up' exercise on energy provision and exercise performance in horses and humans: a comparative review. Burnley, M. and Jones, A.M. Equine and Comparative Exercise Physiology. 2005; 2: 135-147

- Bodyweights and growth rates of spring- and autumn-born Thoroughbred horses raised on pasture. Brown-Douglas, C.G., Parkinson, T.J. Firth, E.C. and Fennessy, P.F New Zealand Veterinary Journal. 2005; 53: 326-33

- Monitoring of some physiological parameters during the first 30 days of a foal's life. Piccione, G., Assenza, A., Costa, A., Borruso, M. Fazio, F. and Caola, G. Medycyna Weterynaryjna. 2005; 6: 1142-1144

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- Determination of apparent digestibility of equine diets with different levels of sunflower seeds. (original title: Determinacao da digestibilidade aparente de racoes para equinos com diferentes niveis de inclusao de semente de girassol). Cabrera, L., Furtado, C.E. and Fonseca, N.A.N. Documentos-Embrapa-Soja. 2005; (261): 138-140

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- Risk factors for faecal sand excretion in Icelandic horses. Husted, L., Andersen, M.S. Borggaard, O.K., Houe, H. and Olsen, S.N. Equine-Veterinary-Journal. 2005; 37: 351-355

- Deployment of a special net as a method of hay feeding in horses under ethological aspects. (original title: Zum Einsatz eines speziellen Heunetzes in der Pferdefutterung aus ethologischer Sicht). Zeitler-Feicht, M.H. and Walker, S. Pferdeheilkunde. 2005; 21: 229-233

- Apparent digestibility of hays in horses determined by total collection of faeces and using internal marker methods. Bergero, D., Meineri, G., Miraglia, N., Peiretti, P.G. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. 2005; 3: 199-202

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