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Full Text Articles regarding Equine Colostrums, Immunity and Dehydration

Published: 2008-08-25

The following articles are now available at the website of the European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress:
  • Drogoul, C., Clément, F., Ventorp, M., Curadi, M.C .and Orlandi, M., Cooperative paper (Abstract) of the Milking Mare Experimental Farm LEGTA Semur Chatillon (France), the Swedish University (Sweden) and Pisa University (Italy): Equine passive immune transfer trough colostrums.
  • Lori K. Warren, University of Florida (USA): Potential Immuno-stimulatory Nutrients for the Equine Athlete.
  • Michael I. Lindinger, University of Guelph (Canada): Sweating, dehydration and electrolyte supplementation: Challenges for the performance horse. 

The proceedings of the European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress are also available as a booklet. The proceedings booklet contains reviews of the invited speaker sessions and extended abstracts from the free communication session. Information about the congress and order information regarding the proceedings can also be obtained from