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Published: 2009-05-10

Less is more ?!

Besides different nutrients, Cavalor products, like for example Cavalor Arti-Matrix and Freebute, contain multi-herbal preparations. Multi-herbal preparations have been used for many years to treat inflammatory conditions like for example osteoarthritis. Combining botanical ingredients is a widely applied practice to compose effective products. With this approach a suboptimal dose of each herb is often used and the final result is believed to be of similar or better potency as that of a single herb. However, there is a lack of studies that have provided evidence regarding this so called "additive effect" of herbs.

Cavalor has initiated variety of studies to provide support for the conceptual design of Cavalor FreeBute and Cavalor Arti Matrix that contain suboptimal efficacious dose levels of botanical ingredients. The advantage of using suboptimal efficacious dose levels is reducing the risk of potential toxicities associated with the usage of single herbs.  Our preliminary results indicated that the herbal mixtures of Freebute and Arti Matrix showed indeed such an additive effect. However, not all herbal combinations tested gave a better result than the main individual ingredient. Obviously, defining a good product is not simply a matter of dose or selection of the correct ingredients but it's also about the correct proportions.

We also observed that the Arti Matrix composite tested in our study containing both a multi-herbal and glucosamine-chondroitin mixture was able to exert its positive effect longer that the even higher concentrated glucosamine-chondroitin composite. These results encourage further study as the combination of these dietary components may provide a stronger support or preventive tool in conditions were this type of nutritional support is applied.

These preliminary studies encourage us to understand more about the role these nutritional ingredients play in osteoarthritis and joint injury. These results also encourage long-term studies to evaluate the potential of the Arti Matrix composite to prevent or reduce the severity of injury. Obviously, defining a good product is not simply a matter of dose or a choice of the correct ingredients but it's also about the correct proportions. Cavalor's 20 years of experience in formulating and developing products together with multidisciplinary experts has lead to effective solutions for several nutritional or practical problems. In addition, Cavalor products are produced with the greatest care and can be used safely with FEI and Jockey Club doping standards (since the Cavalor products are used by many competitive riders).