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FRASC online! Your online tool to calculate and evaluate horse rations!

Published: 2010-07-16

We are pleased to present the first web edition of the FRASC program. FRASC stands for Feed, Raw stock And Supplements Calculation. The FRASC program can be used for ration calculation and evaluation of horse diets. Some basic equine nutrition knowledge is required for using the program.
The FRASC program is unique because it offers the opportunity to adjust the program to the feed conditions of the user of the programme. FRASC contains two important modules, “Rations” and “Raw Materials”. In the module “Rations” horse rations can be calculated and managed. Users can add their own raw materials and organize their own ration database by owner and horse. current FRASC edition is developed for equine professionals, nutritionists and researchers. Cavalor is currenly preparing a special FRASC version for horseowners. The launch of this programme is expected early 2011