Cavalor Emergency 911

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Et hurtigvirkende og lettfordøyelig tilskudd ment for øyeblikkelig behandling av kolikk symptomer, og for å styrke fordøyelsessystemet under transport. Det bidrar til å hindre kolikk ved å styrke tarmmikrofloraen, og fordøyelsessystemet hos hester med kroniske mageproblemer. Cavalor® Emergency 911 inneholder prebiotika, gunstig for å styrke de gode bakteriene i tarmsystemet.

Extended information

Indication for use

Anbefalt dosering: Akutte symptomer 1-2 tuber/ dag, forebyggende 0,5-1 tube/dag. Maks dosering 3 tuber/dag.


Forpakning: Eske med 6 tuber (60ml)

Technical Sheet


What is Cavalor® Emergency 911 intended for?
Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a supplement designed to support the horse’s intestinal system during times of gut distress as well as, during long transport. Cavalor® Emergency 911 is intended for the immediate treatment of the symptoms of, scours, gut ache, stress, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and exposure to moldy hay or forage. It may be used for the prevention and treatment of diarrhea, conditions associated with digestive upset,and first aid during colic episode prior to professional diagnosis and treatment. Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a must to have on hand for those urgent situations. Cavalor Emergency 911 is not intended to replace veterinary consultation or treatment
In what stage of an intestinal upset should I use Cavalor® Emergency 911?
Cavalor® Emergency 911 should be administered during the first stage of gut upset as it is designed to help stabilize the horse’s intestinal system. If you are unsure as to what stage of upset your horses is in, administer Cavalor® Emergency 911 as soon as possible and watch your horse closely for about 20 minutes. If the horse does not show signs of improvement within the allotted 20 minutes, call your veterinarian immediately for further assistance. Cavalor Emergency 911 is not intended to replace veterinary consultation or treatment
Can I use Cavalor® Emergency 911 in other situations besides long transport and pre-colic instances?
Yes, Cavalor® Emergency 911 can help support overall gut health and may be suitable for: • Horses that develop digestive reactions due to environmental changes. • As an aid to balance the digestive system following any type of disruption to the horse’s normal function and activity (e.g. dietary changes) Cavalor Emergency 911 is not intended to replace veterinary consultation or treatment
What is the difference between Cavalor® Digest, Cavalor® Vitaflor 365 and Cavalor® Emergency 911?
• Cavalor® Digest is designed to target diarrhea and digestive issues. • Cavalor® Vitaflor 365 is designed to support and strengthen the microflora in the horse’s intestinal tract. • Cavalor® Emergency 911 is designed to support the horse’s intestinal system during transport and help manage symptoms associated with acute instances of colic. Cavalor Emergency 911 is not intended to replace veterinary consultation or treatment


Cavalor Emergency 911 - Ludo Philippaerts

The CAVALOR Emergency 911 is a product that we always have with us when we travel with our horses. A long journey can affect the horses, and if they don't feel well at arrival we always give them the CAVALOR Emergency 911. The product lives up to its name as it works instantly when given in the horse's mouth; in 80 % of the cases the horses feel better in ten minutes. And if they don't get better after ten minutes with the CAVALOR Emergency 911, then you also know that you are dealing with something serious and should call the vet.

- Ludo Philippaerts, International Showjumper


Letter from Mr Takanari Kusunoki, Japan

Thank you Cavalor for your feeding advice! I followed your advice strictly in preparation for the Asian Games. Daily my horse, Fairbanks Cargo gets Cavalor Strucomix Original with Cavalor Endurix. First he got a treatment with Cavalor Hepato Liq to remove the fatigue and to cleanse his liver and after, depending on the condition we adjusted his muscle strength with Cavalor Muscle Force. Two weeks before the departure to the Games I started the cure with Cavalor Resist and on the way from Japan to Korea I used Cavalor Emergency 911. Fairbanks Cargo arrived in perfect shape and did not suffer from the travel. In training days I supported my horse with Cavalor FreeBute and Cavalor Muscle Fit. During competition days I added Cavalor Kick Up, to give that extra energy push. The care products my groom used are Cavalor Muscooler and Cavalor Ice Clay. The Cavalor products really worked as expected and we had a fantastic competition. I ended winning Silver in the team and placed 9th in the individual competition and I was very happy !

For the reference, Mr Kusunoki visited Japanese Cavalor distributor from far away to say "Thank you" and he hang a silver medal on the distributor's neck!!



Additional Information & Education

 Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a fast-acting supplement for the urgent care of intestinal disturbances in horses.

• A supplement designed to support the intestinal system during transport and emergency situations.
• Helps manage symptoms associated with instances of colic by supporting the intestinal microflora, and the digestive system.
• A great supplement for horses suffering from intestinal disturbances.

Cavalor® Emergency 911 contains balanced ingredients to support the horse's intestinal system:

Prebiotics to benefit and strengthen the good bacteria in the horse's intestinal tract.
• Organic yeast extract rich in glucomannans (GM) and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) to help block the colonization of pathogens and bind mycotoxines to minimize damage to the horse's gut.
• B vitamins to stimulate A-immunoglobulins and beneficial bacterial growth (e.g. bifidobacteria). B-vitamins promote gut health and improve digestive function while fighting off harmful bacteria.


Feed Detail Sheet