Cavalor Venus

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For moody mares Cavalor Venus is formulated with several natural active ingredients to support the regulation of the oestrus cycle.

Extended information

Indication for use

Mix with daily feed Ponies : 2 x 5 ml Horses : 2 x 10 ml


Bottle of 500ml or 2L


My mare is less moody since I use Cavalor Venus!

My 10 year old mare has been always difficult to ride.  She is against the leg, very nervous and tense. While ridden, she is rearing, turning around, bucking and has a tense back. We always said this is because of blood line, as we know all brothers and sisters, who all had a bit of character. Anyway, I admit that my mare is much calmer than when she was young since we use Cavalor Venus.

After 1 week on Cavalor Venus, I noticed a difference. Although she still can be against the leg, she is steadier in her training. I also find that the mare gets over problems quite easily without much protest. There was a two week period where she was off the product, and she was unwilling to train.  So, you can definitely say the product is working for her. Hiroko Ozaki, Dressage Rider, Japan


Additional Information & Education

Cavalor Venus is a herbal extract that supports hormonal balance. The product compliments the mare's natural cycle without blocking it and alleviates the effect of irregular ovulation.

Active ingredients:

Vitex agnus castus: supports regulation of the cycle and helps to reduce mood swings.

Vitamin B6: positive influence on metabolic processes during the cycle.

Magnesium bisglycinate: has a relaxing effect on the horse.

Oreganum majorana: suppresses typical behavior of oestrus