Cavalor VitAmino

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Extended information

Indication for use

Cavalor VitAmino is recommended for horses for which more muscle mass is desired. Note: horses that are too lean have difficulty or cannot gain muscle mass. In such a case, consult a nutritionist or veterinarian first. The recommended dose varies depending on the situation. For sport horses, a daily dose of 100 g - 200 g/100 kg body weight is recommended in addition to the current ration. The dose is determined by the training intensity, among other things. For adult horses that do little or no work, a daily dose of 100 g - 125 g/100 kg body weight is recommended in addition to the roughage given. Cavalor VitAmino contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to meet the minimum requirements in addition to roughage. The dose depends, among other things, on the quality of the roughage and the protein content of the ration. For older or geriatric horses, a daily dose of 50 g - 100 g/100 kg body weight is recommended in addition to roughage and Cavalor Strucomix Senior. It is recommended to divide doses above 125 g/100 kg BW/day over multiple meals. Tip: For an optimal effect, a minimum period of 4 weeks’ use is needed. Do not give the standard dose for longer than 12 weeks. If more prolonged use is necessary, please halve the dose.


Bag of 20 kg / 44 lbs

Additional Information & Education

Cavalor VitAmino is a source of high-quality proteins that, due to their high digestibility and specific amino acid profile, make an optimal contribution to the development of more muscle mass. When building muscles, it is important that horses have sufficient building materials, including certain amino acids. 

Cavalor VitAmino contains soy, alfalfa and potato protein that contain all the essential amino acids in the correct proportion so that strong muscles are obtained as efficiently as possible. Cavalor VitAmino can also be used in addition to Strucomix Senior to keep older horses that easily lose muscle mass in shape.