Cavalor FreeBute

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Konkurransehester presterer kun optimalt når de føler seg bra. Cavalor® FreeBute støtter muskler og ledd på hester som må levere topp utførelse.

Extended information

Indication for use

Anbefalt dosering: 5-9 tabletter/dag fordelt på 2 måltider, 1-2 dager før og under konkurranse.


Forpakning: boks med 90 tabletter.


Does Cavalor FreeBute contain Devil's Claw?
No. Cavalor FreeBute doesn't contain Devil's Claw or any other prohibited substances. Like all Cavalor products, Cavalor FreeBute can safely be used under FEI regulations.
How should I use Cavalor FreeBute?
Cavalor FreeBute may be used one to two days before and during competition (5-9 tablets/day) to provide relief for your horse. Cavalor FreeBute may safely be used in combination with other Cavalor products when additional relief is needed (for example, Cavalor Arti Matrix or Muscle Fit).
My horse refuses to eat Cavalor FreeBute tablets. What can I do?
Cavalor Freebute tablets can easily be grinded with a tablet-crusher. The powder can be mixed into the feed.


Koos De Ronde

"Cavalor® products were a big help to me in winning the FEI World Cup Driving Championship. Because of this, my horses stayed very fit over the entire three days. It is a very strenuous competition. I always give each of my horses Cavalor® An Energy Boost a half-hour before we go. Cavalor® FreeBute was also important because our driving time was at midnight, and there was not as much time as usual to cool out the horses. Giving them Cavalor® Muscle Fit in the evening made them supple for the next day. Cavalor® First Aid Spray always travels with me, and some of my horses also get Cavalor® OilMega. For one of my team horses, the most important thing for peak performance and well-being is Cavalor® SoZen, which I like for its calming effect. I'm happy with Cavalor's wide range of proven products because they keep my horses feeling good and fit to compete at top levels."

Letter from Mr Takanari Kusunoki, Japan

Thank you Cavalor for your feeding advice! I followed your advice strictly in preparation for the Asian Games. Daily my horse, Fairbanks Cargo gets Cavalor Strucomix Original with Cavalor Endurix. First he got a treatment with Cavalor Hepato Liq to remove the fatigue and to cleanse his liver and after, depending on the condition we adjusted his muscle strength with Cavalor Muscle Force. Two weeks before the departure to the Games I started the cure with Cavalor Resist and on the way from Japan to Korea I used Cavalor Emergency 911. Fairbanks Cargo arrived in perfect shape and did not suffer from the travel. In training days I supported my horse with Cavalor FreeBute and Cavalor Muscle Fit. During competition days I added Cavalor Kick Up, to give that extra energy push. The care products my groom used are Cavalor Muscooler and Cavalor Ice Clay. The Cavalor products really worked as expected and we had a fantastic competition. I ended winning Silver in the team and placed 9th in the individual competition and I was very happy !

For the reference, Mr Kusunoki visited Japanese Cavalor distributor from far away to say "Thank you" and he hang a silver medal on the distributor's neck!!



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