Cavalor Star Shine

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Langtidsvirkende man- og pelsspray som gir hesten en vakker glans.

Extended information

Indication for use

Som utredende manspray: Spray Cavalor® Star Shine på man og hale, la det tørke og gre ut. Som pelsglans: Spray på pelsen, la det tørke og gni med en tørr klut.


Forpakning: flaske 500 ml og 3000 ml.


How do I get the best results for a shiny and voluminous tail?
First, wash the tail with Cavalor Equiwash, then spray Cavalor Star Shine on the horse's tail.
Can I use Cavalor Star Shine all over the horse’s body?
Yes. You can apply Cavalor Star Shine not only on mane and tail, but also use it to create a shiny hair coat. For riding horses, we do not recommend spraying Cavalor Star Shine on the part of the hair coat where the saddle will be.
Do I need to apply Cavalor Star Shine everyday?
No. Cavalor Star Shine is a very high-quality product, and the effect will last for an average of 5 days.
Does Cavalor Star Shine contain silicone?
Cavalor Star Shine contains dimethicone, a high quality silicone oil. The use of this oil is, due to it's harmlessness, approved for use in cosmetic products. Please keep in mind that a mane/tail product without any form of silicone is unlikely to work properly.


Sabrina Frye, Cavalor Champion

I have attached pics of my 13 year old APHA mare Bergen Bar Bunny aka Tiara before and after Cavalor Feed. If anyone ever doubts the impact Cavalor feed will have on your performance horse just take a look at the pics of my mare. Her before pic was taken during prime rodeo season so she was very fit. The after pic was just 30 days after starting Cavalor feed and as you can see she has more weight and muscle mass than she had even in the height of competition season. I had not changed anything in her routine other than the feed. I was able to discontinue feeding all supplements also. She has more muscle mass than she has ever had in the 10 years I have owned her. She is calm and ready to work every day.

Thank you,
Sabrina Frye



Additional Information & Education

A premium mane and tail conditioner

Indication for use

Cavalor Star Shine is a long-lasting hair conditioner with a unique and pleasant aroma. Cavalor Star Shine gives a brightening gleam to your horse's coat and makes it appear as a real "star" on the show circuit. The horse's tail and mane can be expected to remain tangle-free for a week.

As disentangler: Apply Cavalor Star Shine with the atomizer on the mane and tail of the horse. After a few minutes, the tail can be combed without any problem. The effect is reinforced when Cavalor Star Shine is applied on the tail directly after washing with Cavalor Equi Wash.
To make your horse shine: Shake Cavalor Star Shine gently before use. Apply Cavalor Star Shine to the coat of the horse. Rub with a cloth.


- Bottle with sprayer containing 500ml/ 25,4 fl. oz
- 3-liter/ 101,4 fl. oz container



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Cavalor Star Shine