Cavalor Stable Rocky

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In contrast to most salt blocks, Cavalor Stable Rocky has a nutritional value that provides your horse with minerals and trace elements.

Extended information

Indication for use

Provide freely to your horse/pony.


Packaging: 10 salt blocks of 2 kg/4.4 lb.


Why are there are no added vitamins in Cavalor Rockies?
Salt (sodium chloride) is the main substance in Cavalor Rockies. The horse can regulate only one mineral level in the body: salt. The horse will only lick Cavalor Rockies when the salt level in the body is too low. There is simply no reason for adding vitamins to the salt block, as the horse will only lick it when needed. To ensure a proper daily supply of vitamins, they should be provided through the feed or through Cavalor Support or Cavalor Nutri Plus, depending on the situation.

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Mineral lick

Indication for use
Cavalor Rockies are given as a supplement to the normal feed. Give the mineral licks at free disposal. Cavalor Rockies contain macro minerals and trace minerals. See packaging for label values.

- 10 mineral licks per box of 2 kg/ 4,4 lb each