Cavalor Mash & Mix

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A well-earned reward after heavy exertion

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Indication for use

Daily amount of Mash & Mix per animal: maximum 0.3 kg per 100 kg live body weight. Preparation: mix with 50 % hot water, let the mash absorb the water and cool for 15 minutes.


15 kg and 1,5 kg bag


Can Cavalor Mash & Mix be used as a daily feed?
We do not recommend using Cavalor Mash & Mix as a stand-alone feed because it has a high concentration of wheat bran. Under certain circumstances such as during transport or post-operation, Cavalor Mash & Mix can be used as a daily feed for a limited time.
What do I do if my horse doesn’t want to eat a Cavalor supplement?
We spend a lot of time and effort testing our products in both field and laboratory palatability trials prior to their launch. All horses are different and although it is uncommon, some horses may not like certain products. If you have a picky eater, it is important to begin administering products in small dosages and increase dosages little by little until they meet label requirements. Mixing supplements into a mash such as Cavalor Mash & Mix can also help.
My horse is prone to colic. What can I do to remedy this?
Feeding the horse Mash & Mix may help prevent colic. Because of its specific composition, this feed infuses the intestines with sufficient moisture. This helps avoid congestion and blockages. Combined with hay or good-quality silage grass, this will significantly help prevent the problem from arising. As a top-dress to the forage ration, you can also feed carrots or fodder beet (known in the U.S. as beet pulp).


Christine Lies

"Cavalor® Mash & Mix is absolutely my favorite, I love being able to have it prepared in a bag, and all I have to do is add some water and give it to my horses. I just know that I can get some good mash in them and I just love that. In general, the condition of my horses is fantastic on 2/3 the volume of feed. Their coats are blooming, their temperament is so stable, and their body condition is just really easy to manage. My older horse is a little bit of a hard keeper and he's really got a great body condition on him now."
-Equestrian Life Coach, Past Chairman of Area IV USEA, Christine Lies

Renee W.

"Cavalor has conducted many field studies on OCD reduction. A study carried-out in Stable Dubois (France), a farm breeding more than 100 racehorses per year, initially showed OCD levels of more than 24% in foals. After the rations were corrected, OCD levels were reduced to 8% and for the last three years
levels have stabilized at 4-5%. "

-Renee W.
Cavalor Customer


Sabrina Frye, Cavalor Champion

I have attached pics of my 13 year old APHA mare Bergen Bar Bunny aka Tiara before and after Cavalor Feed. If anyone ever doubts the impact Cavalor feed will have on your performance horse just take a look at the pics of my mare. Her before pic was taken during prime rodeo season so she was very fit. The after pic was just 30 days after starting Cavalor feed and as you can see she has more weight and muscle mass than she had even in the height of competition season. I had not changed anything in her routine other than the feed. I was able to discontinue feeding all supplements also. She has more muscle mass than she has ever had in the 10 years I have owned her. She is calm and ready to work every day.

Thank you,
Sabrina Frye



Martha Bennett, DVM

"I grew up on a farm with an equine veterinarian as a father and cannot remember a time when I did not own horses. I went to college at Auburn University where I earned a BS in Animal Science and my DVM and I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 12 years. When I started playing polo six years ago I fed my horses Purina Strategy. I trusted the company and I was very familiar with their research in animal nutrition. Because I frequently advise my clients not to make changes in an animal's nutrition unless there is a good reason to do so I was very reluctant to make a change myself. A Cavalor representative started talking to me about Cavalor over a year ago but I really was not interested in switching feed as my ponies were doing great. I continued talking to Libby and did some research on my own and began really thinking about my program. I had several older horses, two that were difficult to keep weight on, and another that was frequently choking on her pellets if they weren't fed to her very slowly. Maybe "great" wasn't the right word.

I switched all of my horses to Cavalor three months ago and have been absolutely thrilled. I'm no longer feeding supplements. My thin ones have picked up weight in spite of it being winter. And I have not had a single choking incident. I'm also very happy with how much the horses like it, even the ones that were never good eaters are excited at feeding time.

Thank you Cavalor for your contributions to equine nutrition and thank you to my Cavalor representative, Libby Cifuni for convincing me to make the change."

Martha Bennett, DVM
Senior Clinician - Emergency Service
Emergency Veterinarian Manager
Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners - Brentwood, TN


Christa Gandolfo, International Eventer and owner of Get Equestrian Sports

"All my horses eat Cavalor® Mash & Mix. It comes in use after cross-country and heavy conditioning days. It is a great way to get fluids back in your horse after hard work. They all recover well after eating Cavalor® Mash & Mix and it's a huge help with the recovery process." Christa Gandolfo, International Eventer and owner of Get Equestrian Sports

Heather Mehal, Trainer at Big Dog Stables in Granville, OH

"My 25-year-old mare started chocking and I spoke with my local Cavalor rep because she's also a really picky eater. My rep suggested I try Cavalor for Trilly and my other horse, Handsome, who's energy was never where I wanted it to be. Trilly loves the feed and nickers for her food. Her coat also looks great. Handsome is starting to put on muscle and gain a topline without getting hot. The horses love it and their energy is where it needs to be."

Heather Mehal, Trainer at Big Dog Stables in Granville, OH.


Additional Information & Education


Mash & Mix is perfect to give after your horse works to help him replenish his lost electrolytes. Electrolytes (salt + minerals) are produced by the body but take up to 2-3 days for the horse to naturally replenish. Give electrolytes just before and up to an hour after a heavy effort. Because horses can't store them for later use, they must be used right away.


Horses are designed to be grazing throughout the day, and because modern horses are sometimes stalled, we must help support their consistent digestion throughout the day. Mash & Mix uses a variety of herbs to stimulate the diges­tive tract and increase the palatability of the Mash.


Mash & Mix uses puffed barley and corn. Puffed grains have an improved starch digestibility in the foregut of up to 85- 90%. These grains travel through the stomach and small intestine at a slower rate, allowing the digestive enzymes more time to act on the feed.


We use a variety of protein sources to create a more com­plete amino acids profile. There is protein in barley, wheat, corn flakes, oats and more. A broader amino acids profile is better for the horse's digestive system and conversion into energy.



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Cavalor Mash & Mix