Cavalor MudDoc

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Denne mugg-salven er 100 % naturlig. Cavalor® MudDoc forhindrer at bakterier angiper foten og forbygger fremtidige problemer.

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Indication for use

Desinfiser det irriterte hudområdet og påfør Cavalor® MudDoc.


Forpakning: 400 ml krukke


Why is Cavalor MudDoc so effective against Scratches and Greasy Heel?
Cavalor MudDoc is effective against greasy heel because it contains Natural Anti Biotic (NAB), a newly developed concept that works against the specific bacteria that cause mud fever.
Can I use Cavalor MudDoc on wounds?
We do not recommend applying Cavalor MudDoc on damaged skin. The interaction of Cavalor MudDoc with the damaged skin may result in swollen legs.
Should I remove scabs before applying Cavalor MudDoc?
No. Do not remove scabs deliberately, as this may cause irritation. CAUTION: It is recommended that Cavalor MudDoc not be applied until at least 24 hours after clipping to avoid hypersensitivity.

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Cavalor MudDoc