Cavalor FreeBute Paste

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Utviklet for å støtte musklene og bedre bevegeligheten. Ingrediensene i Cavalor® FreeBute Paste virker forbyggende mot betennelser i ledd og muskler. Cavalor® FreeBute Paste har alle egenskaper som er nødvendig for å sikre ytelse på høyeste nivå.

Extended information

Indication for use

Anbefalt dosering: ½ tube kvelden før anstrengelse og ½ tube samme morgen før anstrengelse.


Forpakning: Eske med 6 tuber og eske med 60 tuber.


Olivia Ebert

I am amazingly thrilled about the efficacy of Cavalor® Freebute Pro! I started administering Cavalor® Freebute Pro two days before the competition. A huge difference was noticeable. My horse was fresh, relaxed and ready to perform. Also I noticed that the recovery phase was signigicantly shortened. The only issue I had was that my horse doesn't like oral syringes too much ... I am totally impressed by this product. Olivia Ebert - Germany

Another success story from Carol Wilson and Ted Alexander

"Ted and I would like to thank Peter Bollen (founder of Cavalor) for sharing Cavalor with us. He opened our eyes in many ways.  But most important, he showed us how we can help our horses perform to their best ability.  We had great success feeding our race horses the Cavalor products. They started out on the feed and then we supplemented them as suggested. We gave Endurix with Super Force, An Energy Boost, Take It Easy and Free Bute Pro. Two wins! The best of all is that they were long shots!  We're not picked to finish anywhere on the tote, both to be last in fact. Our horses blew out of the gates and didn't weaken at all!  A Rare Corona improved his time by 4 tenths and ran his fastest Speed Index of 93. Ivolene just couldn't get there previously but he outran some very tough horses.  As I said he was picked to run dead last!  We are so excited, thankful, blessed, amazed! Need I say more?

Thanks a lot Peter, we hope to meet up with you again. Love meeting great people!"


We are so happy to hear that Carol Wilson and Ted Alexander's horses are having such a good results with Endurix, Super Force, An Energy Boost, Take It Easy and Free Bute Pro. We wish them the very best for the future!


Additional Information & Education


Natural ingredients providing relief to muscles and joints in distress

Indication for use

Cavalor FreeBute Paste was developed in order to support the muscles and guarantee greater mobility. Cavalor FreeBute Paste contains all of the necessary characteristics for performing at the highest level. Horses that feel better will also perform better.

The relief of pain and discomfort, aimed at giving a horse more rest and comfort, is the start of many healing and recovery processes. However, the means to achieve this can have unwanted side effects, which may even harm the horse, and/or contain substances that prevent the horse from participating in competitions for some time. For many years it has been known from botany and herbal science that a number of natural nutritional elements that are completely innocuous - and therefore have no harmful side effects - may be used in competitive sports and give relief in many common situations. Based on these insights, Cavalor FreeBute Paste was developed.

Composition and safety of the product

Cavalor FreeBute Paste is a supplementary animal feed based on herbs and bioflavonoids.  Being a natural product, Cavalor FreeBute Paste does not contain any active chemical ingredients. It is recommended that you consult a specialist before use.

Tip: CAVALOR FREE BUTE PASTE can be used for competition horses. Respect the dosage. Cavalor FreeBute Paste can be used together with CAVALOR ARTI MATRIX or CAVALOR ARTI MOTION without any difficulty.


1/2 injection in the evening before the exertion + 1/2 injection in the morning

prior to the exertion.


- Box of 6x60g

- Box of 50x60g