Muscle Cooler

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Relaxes tendons & muscles

Extended information

Indication for use

Cavalor® Muscle Cooler can be used to treat muscles and tendons in the legs, but also in the back. Massage the skin with a thin layer of Cavalor® Mucle Cooler after training. Bandages can be safely used in combination with Cavalor® Muscle Cooler. Cavalor® Muscle Cooler doesn’t just apply to your horse - the rider’s muscles and tendons deserve just as much attention after training. Massage the affected area with a thin layer of Cavalor® Muscle Cooler after workout to prevent muscle stiffness the next day. Warning: do not use Cavalor® Muscle Cooler on infected or bruised skin. For external use only.


1 L / 33,81 fl.oz. jar

Additional Information & Education

Cavalor® Muscle Cooler is a cooling gel enhancing tendon and muscle recovery. The active ingredients in the product support the cooling down and recovery process of both your horse and yourself by preventing muscle aches and stiffness.