Cavalor SoZen

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Has a calming and relaxing effect on “hot” or nervous horses.

Extended information

Indication for use

Start: 10 days 30g/1.0 oz day (4 scoops). Maintenance: 15g/0.5 oz day (2 scoops). Before competition: Start 3 days before competition and adjust as needed.


Tub of 400 g/3.5 oz and 1500 g/1.3 Ib.


Can I combine Cavalor calming supplements with Cavalor Pianissimo feed?
Cavalor Pianissimo is a complete feed specially formulated for easily excitable horses. This feed can be given on a daily basis. If the effect does not suit your horse's needs try usin a Cavalor calming supplement. F.ex. Cavalor Calm, Cavalor Take It Easy or Cavalor SoZen depending on the type of stress observed.
What is the difference between Cavalor Calm, Cavalor SoZen & Cavalor Take It Easy?
Cavalor Calm is developed for the "spooky" horse. These horses tend to be more easily scared. Studies in the field demonstrated that Cavalor Calm also has a positive result on the behavior of nervous stallions. While Cavalor Calm can be given for a prolonged period, we advise a 10-day non-supplementing period every month. Cavalor Take It Easy gives your horse a relatively high dose of tryptophane that will give quick results. Cavalor Take It Easy is a paste, given with a syringe the day of the stressful situation.
Should I always combine Cavalor SoZen with Cavalor Take It Easy?
No, combining SoZen with Take It Easy is not mandatory. However, experiences in the eld suggest that the combination of the two supplements result in an optimal effect. Each product works on different causes of stress.


Koos De Ronde

"Cavalor® products were a big help to me in winning the FEI World Cup Driving Championship. Because of this, my horses stayed very fit over the entire three days. It is a very strenuous competition. I always give each of my horses Cavalor® An Energy Boost a half-hour before we go. Cavalor® FreeBute was also important because our driving time was at midnight, and there was not as much time as usual to cool out the horses. Giving them Cavalor® Muscle Fit in the evening made them supple for the next day. Cavalor® First Aid Spray always travels with me, and some of my horses also get Cavalor® OilMega. For one of my team horses, the most important thing for peak performance and well-being is Cavalor® SoZen, which I like for its calming effect. I'm happy with Cavalor's wide range of proven products because they keep my horses feeling good and fit to compete at top levels."

Melinda Mayes-Kelly

"Without Cavalor Calm and Cavalor SoZen, I would be unable to get my horses soft and slow enough without exhausting their
legs. Instead of having to "ride them down" they can concentrate on their job. I have tried all other calming products on the market and none of them show results like Cavalor Calm and Cavalor SoZen."

- Melinda Mayes-Kelly - Weatherford, Texas
Amature Reiner


Heather Gillete, Trainer, Eventing Professional

"Cavalor is a wonderful company to be associated with. Cavalor feeds and supplements are superior and keep my horses in top form. Their coats are always shiny, weight and muscle perfectly proportioned, and nutritional needs met on many levels. Their customer service is amazing as well. They are always there to answer any of my questions and concerns and take great pride in their products. My horses look and feel great! Thanks Cavalor!"

-Heather Gillete, Trainer, Eventing Professional


Agatha D’Ambra, Grand Prix Show Jumper

"I did start using Cavalor® SoZen for my mare and we actually won the HITS Grand Prix. The Cavalor® SoZen worked very quickly for my mare, and played a big part in helping us win the Grand Prix at HITS." Agatha D'Ambra, Grand Prix Show Jumper

I.H. – Cavalor SoZen – what a difference!

A few weeks ago I started giving my horse Cavalor SoZen, and I must say the results are great! I gave her the starting dose for the first 10 days, and last week we gave four scoops per meal in the three days before the competition. We have now started giving her the maximum dose and are hoping to be able to scale back a little soon. But the result is very good. The horse is noticeably less stressed, easier to ride and jumps as well as she ever did, or even better in fact, as she is now ‘looser’. So we’re really glad we tried this Cavalor product!

Additional Information & Education

CAVALOR® SoZen - Professional Line 

Indication for use
Many sport horses perform below their ability because they are stressed and not able to focus on the competition. Stress, nervousness, panic, lack of concentration, are descriptions for a very complex problem. There is still no universal effective way of fully calming horses without using sedation (not allowed during competition!) while at the same time increasing their concentration to the maximum. 

By obtaining more insight in the complexity of the problem, Cavalor has managed to develop Cavalor Sozen. This is the first equine supplement that works on the Adrenaline - Cortisol balance. Cavalor found out that stress is caused by long periods of tension. Stress will dis balance the hormonal system, by producing too much Adrenaline and too little Cortisol. The more the adrenaline - cortisol balance is disturbed, the greater the impact of a tension moment will be.

Position and safety of the product
Cavalor Sozen is a well-balanced herbal mixture of Avena Sativa, Betula, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Allium sativa . It will reduce the impact on tension on the horse, which will create less stress into the horse

Dosage and application of the products
Cavalor Sozen: The first time you use Cavalor SeZen you have to give a Starting Boost of minimal 10 days 30  g per day (four scoops). This is needed to rebalance the Adrenaline - Cortisol balance. REMARK; sometimes after 4 - 5 days the horse might even get a little more tensed, but this is because the Cavalor SoZen start to work on the balance. After the Startup boost you can use Cavalor SoZen 2 days, 15 gr / day (two scoops) before the day on which the horse should be calm. Maximum dosage: 60 gram per day.

Most horses react well to Cavalor SoZen. If the horse has not calmed down sufficiently with the use of the individual products, it is advisable to combine Cavalor SoZen with Cavalor Takit Easy, which is rich in tryptophan, that works more on the Methionine/ Serotonin balance and is very complementary to Cavalor SoZen.

 - Jar    400 g 
- Jar 1.500 g