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    MyCavalor.com’ is a fast, user-friendly online resource that is as easy as 1,2,3. By asking some simple questions, MyCavalor.com will help calculate the appropriate ration for your horse in no time. Take charge and personalize your horse’s diet, because your horse is different and has different needs! For example, does he just need more energy, or should he be calmer? Find out how with MyCavalor.com.

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    Cavalor Lurax
    Diana Sponagel

    I'm totally thrilled with Cavalor Lurax! My horse had gotten some chafing on his hocks from where the blanket rubbed. After using the product for a few days, the sores began to heal and the skin's appearance improved. Within a week the sores were gone. I have also had good experience using the ointment on superficial scratches on the head area. One time my horse had an inflamed hair follicle in the saddle area, which was quite sensitive. My veterinarian did a minor procedure, and then I smeared a thick coat of Lurax on the area. The next dayeverything was fine - the skin was smooth and impervious to irritation. An extra benefit is that the ointment smells just great. I also like how it softens my hands after having treated my horse. This is such an effective product and so pleasant to use.

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    The healthy hoof file

    How diet determines hoof quality. Brittle, flaking hooves, painful soles, dry feet... conditions that many horses have to deal with. However, the solution to these issues is not always obvious. Since hoof health has a huge impact on the performance of your horse and their quality of life, treating hoof problems correctly is vital. But how can we tackle and solve hoof problems, or better: avoid them altogether?

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