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    The Cavalor Endurance Riders Race in the President’s Cup in Abu Dhabi

    Our two Cavalor Endurance Amazons, Marijke Visser and Joyce Van Den Berg, will begin the trek across the desert of the United Arab Emirates in the President's Cup 2015 this Saturday, February 14th, in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the toughest and most prestigious endurance races out there and runs over 160 km through the desert.

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Mash & Mix.
    Alyssa Richards and Mighty Mouse

    I just wanted to say a big "Thank You"!

    My horse and I attended the Jan Ebeling clinic at the Ohio Equine Affair in Spring 2013. Being one of his sponsors, a Cavalor Representative, gave us some information and samples of the Cavalor Feed. Once we got settled in at home, my horse inhaled the Cavalor Feed and didn't want his usual dinner. I then researched and looked for a local dealer.

    All I can say is this feed is fabulous. He loves it and I have been able to take him off all extra supplements!

    I have retired him from the eventing world and we are having a blast showing second level and schooling above, with goals to go higher! I am converted to Dressage! I have had so many compliments on him since switching to this feed.

    I have never been able to really get him to shine, since he is a grey color, even with every shine product out there. Now I don't use any and I get compliments that his coat is blinding!

    Also, with a properly balanced diet he is now learning and strengthening extremely fast, earning us even more praise from our trainer, who is surprised by how much we accomplish and improve each week! And no more weight shifting up and down!

    He is on the Cavalor Strucomix and also the Mash & Mix for when he works hard and shows! Unfortunately I can not find his before picture, but here is an after!

    Thanks again!

    Alyssa Richards and Mighty Mouse



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  • Product Spotlight

    Cavalor SoleMate

    Cavalor SoleMate again takes the lead in providing the perfect care for hoof soreness without having to wrap! Cavalor SoleMate reduces inflammation and relieves pain in horse hooves with all natural ingredients that wash off with water! Cavalor SoleMate will not test!

    Cavalor SoleMate