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    "Feed for Thought": The CA:P Ratio Explained

    By Suzie Middlebrook, BSc | Cavalor Nutrition Specialist When formulating the perfect diet for your horse, one should look at the total intake of nutrients as well as some of the ratios of those nutrients compared to other nutrients. While there are several important nutrient ratios in the world of equine nutrition, such as iron:copper (4:1) or calcium:magnesium (2:1), the most talked about ratio in equine nutrition is the calcium:phosphorus ratio. Often times you will hear of the well-meaning horse owner calculating endlessly to get the perfect calcium:phosphorus ratio for their horse’s diet. So what is the calcium:phosphorus ratio and why is it important?

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor MudDoc
    Dr. Stane Knez, DVM

    "With mud fever or scratches common treatments (antibiotics, corticosteroids) are successful to stop the infection and heal the scab, however shortly afterwards the scratches have a higher risk of returning. Cavalor® MudDoc stops the infection and the scabs, but also heals the skin to ensure the mud fever and/or scratches does not return in the future. I think Cavalor® MudDoc is the most effective remedy on the market. Just rub Cavalor® MudDoc on the scabs don't force them to break off and they will fall off after 5 to 7 days not to return."

    - Dr. Stane Knez, DVM


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    Cavalor SoleMate

    Cavalor SoleMate again takes the lead in providing the perfect care for hoof soreness without having to wrap! Cavalor SoleMate reduces inflammation and relieves pain in horse hooves with all natural ingredients that wash off with water! Cavalor SoleMate will not test!

    Cavalor SoleMate