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  • Elektrolytes

    Electrolytes - A hype or a must?

    Cavalor Elektrolyte

    With summer finally here and temperatures rising, it is the perfect time to stress the importance of electrolytes. Some equestrians feed them to their horses daily, while others only feed them in extreme heat or during a strenuous competition. But when do horses need those extra electrolytes, and why?

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Strucomix Original.
    Kathi Dancer, Combined Driver

    "The reason that I switched to using Cavalor® Strucomix Original was because after being in Europe and seeing how high-quality the feed was comparable to the U.S., Cavalor is above and beyond other feeds available in the U.S. Everything else I can find in the U.S. is like garbage and junk food." - Kathi Dancer, Combined Driver

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  • In the picture

    Cavalor Friday Spotlight: Quel Homme de Hus & Jerome Guery

    In light of CHIO Aachen coming up, this week’s #CavalorSpotlight is shining on Quel Homme de Hus, a talented 12 year old Holsteiner stallion ridden by Jérôme Guéry.

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