Rest, Nature's best medicine

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  • Detox

    Your horse is an athlete: rest is the key to success

    Cavalor Detox

    Throughout the year it is important for athletes to take a break and recuperate. After a top performance or competition season, they need to slow down, rest and rebalance their body. This much-needed recovery period is also essential for your horse, as competition-free weekends can be counted on the fingers of one hand nowadays. This is a dangerous evolution, especially when you only have one or two horses. It is almost impossible to keep them in top condition all year long, because continuously “pushing” a horse often results in fatigue and poor performance.

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Emergency 911
    Cavalor Emergency 911 - Ludo Philippaerts

    The CAVALOR Emergency 911 is a product that we always have with us when we travel with our horses. A long journey can affect the horses, and if they don't feel well at arrival we always give them the CAVALOR Emergency 911. The product lives up to its name as it works instantly when given in the horse's mouth; in 80 % of the cases the horses feel better in ten minutes. And if they don't get better after ten minutes with the CAVALOR Emergency 911, then you also know that you are dealing with something serious and should call the vet.

    - Ludo Philippaerts, International Showjumper


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  • In the picture

    Beau and Mesa Wrangling the Week in for This Friday's Spotlight!

    Mesa Radue and Beau live in Belgrade, Montana. Mesa, at only 12, has been partaking in rodeos for as long as she can remember. It's her favorite sport, and one of her deepest passions, especially with her partner Beau.

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