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    Cavalor Strucomix Original.
    Promenades Hero - Our Cavalor story

    I am a single parent and in order for my daughter to continue with her jumping career, we decided to adopt a retired Thoroughbred from our local organization known as Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa, Inc. (T.R.O.T).  A picture of Promenades Hero was posted on Facebook by T.R.O.T and we instantly knew we wanted him. Hero was being confiscated from his previous owner due to neglect along with 16 others and was extremely underweight. T.R.O.T went to Kentucky and obtained nine of the horses, which were originally theirs.  Hero was skin and bones when he finally made it back to Florida but we knew he was the one for us.  Hero came right over to my daughter when we went to visit and we looked past his current appearance and knew he would again be the beautiful OTTB he once was with time and proper nutrition.

    Our local Cavalor Representative, Summer Thurber, spoke about the wonderful success and benefits we would receive by using Cavalor and gave us samples to "hand out" to Hero when we went to visit.  Hero was not on any grain right away due to his poor condition.

     When we were able to bring our OTTB home, we started him on Cavalor® Strucomix and Cavalor® Perfomix mixed at a 50/50 ration. We have had Hero for nine months and he looks amazing on his Cavalor feed. He drools at feeding time and his coat is very shiny.  He doesn't show any signs of being "hot" and "hard to handle" while being fed Cavalor.

     Hero's actual birthday was in April and we celebrated by making him some Cavalor® Mash & Mix cookies. Which he thoroughly enjoyed!

     My 14 year old is training him for his new career in the Hunter/Jumper Ring with the assistance of her trainer Debbie Bucciero.  My daughter and I are always advising other owners about the benefits of feeding Cavalor.

    We recently found out that some of the owners at the barn have been "sneaking" our feed to give as a treat to their horses.  I was wondering why we seemed to go through it faster on some weeks. The results we have achieved on Cavalor have been AMAZING and just want to say a big THANK YOU!!!


    Melodee, Kiya and Promenades Hero






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