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  • Beau and Mesa Wrangling the Week in for This Friday's Spotlight!

    Mesa Radue and Beau live in Belgrade, Montana. Mesa, at only 12, has been partaking in rodeos for as long as she can remember. It's her favorite sport, and one of her deepest passions, especially with her partner Beau.

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  • Now go win

    I want a fit horse at the starting line. How can I offer my horse the maximum nutritional support? It has happened to all of us at some time: months of preparation for that really crucial competition and the day has finally arrived. The tack is clean and shiny, you have had a good night's sleep, and your horse is well trained... In other words, let the battle commence. But just when a performance peak is required, your horse feels under the weather. What now? Various reasons may make your horse feel stiff or less than 100% fit. The best known cause is muscle fatigue. Lactic acid is traditionally seen as the “culprit” of this type of fatigue. But is accumulation of lactate effectively the culprit? And is it the only cause of fatigue and acidification?

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  • 1 of 200 Grey Morgans in the World, Trooper is On His Way to the Top of Dressage

    Meet #CavalorCompetitor Windridge Silver Bullet, also known as Trooper, owned and loved by Carly Collari.

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