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  • Performix for Daily Boosts of Energy Helps This Dressage Star

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  • Feeding a Performance Horse is a Balance! Learn What Combination of Cavalor Feeds Keep This Dressage Star On Point!

    Does your horse run out of energy at home, but seems to have endless reserves in the tank whenever you're off the property? You're not alone and why settle for one or the other? Cavalor's line of feeds are designed to address all needs, and sometimes a combination creates the perfect balance! Using a feed as a supplement for a competition, seasonal change, road trip etc. can help keep you and your horse happy and healthy with your rides in and out of the competition ring. Jamie Waters feeds her dressage horse Bon Matin with a combination of SuperForce and FiberForce.

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  • What you should know about horses and sugar

    All horses need sugar for general good health and performance. Sugar delivers energy that the muscles need to work properly. No sugar, no performance. For healthy horses, normal quantities of sugar present no problem. However, too much sugar is not good for anyone. Balance is key. In this blog article we'll discuss this topic in detail.

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