• Tuesday Deep Dive: Cavalor Vitaflor365

    The horse's hindgut is an important factor in the horse's overall health and immunity. The hindgut’s primary responsibility is to ferment fiber and convert it into volatile fatty acids, which then provide energy to the horse. To that end as horse owners, it's important that we feed the horse in a way that will maintain proper hindgut pH.

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  • Friday Spotlight: Felicity @ BTH Equestrian

    A very special Friday Horse Spotlight in honor of all those horses who generously take on the role of teaching young riders the ins and outs of this sport. Sweet Talk, also known as Felicity, is a legend at BTH Equestrian Enterprises, owned by head trainer Brittany Massey.

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  • Starch and the Sport Horse

    The horse evolved as a grazing animal that digests carbohydrates as its main source of energy. However, today’s horses have different demands than the grazing wild horses from which they evolved. To maintain good health a horse generally tolerates up to <2g/kg of bodyweight of starch per meal. The grain ration should include adequate quality forage and water should always be provided.1

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