Cavalor Take It Easy

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Oral Paste for the reduction of stress reactions.

Extended information

Indication for use

Depending on the level of stress from 20 – 60 cc 24 hours before the stress situation. Optimum result: 20 cc the evening before, 20 cc in the morning and 20 cc 1 hour before the stressful situation. Maximum 3 tubes per day.


Box with 6 syringes of 60 cc.


Nina Tuytelaerts - Kooremans

We have had very good experiences with Cavalor Take It Easy ®. I hadn't ridden for about four years after I got pregnant and had two children - first a son, William, and then a daughter, Lieselot. Last Fall, I got back in the saddle.

A wonderful horse named Nag de la Meije crossed my path, and it was love at first sight. At home, everything was going well so I was able to sign up for the LRV Crosses (eventing competitions in Belgium). Of course we had to come up with a cross-training program, so we drove to Max Tuytelaers. I jumped on unsuspecting Nag and began to ride, but I did not expect him to be so strong! I was scared, very scared, and didn't dare to ride. I turned him over to my husband, Raf Kooremans (who competed for the Netherland in the London Olympics). He obeyed Raf, which was great, but now my confidence was gone.

I didn't think I would ever be able to compete Nag, but then I remembered about Cavalor Take It Easy ®. We used up the remainder we had of the original formula and then decided to try the new tubes. For me it was really a godsend! Nag was quiet but still good and easy to ride. He was not lazy but very obedient and responsive which made me tremendously comfortable! Now I could really enjoy my eventing competitions with him. In dressage, jumping and cross-country he went calmly and consistently.

I am very pleased that Cavalor Take It Easy ® exists. Now that I've ridden more and Nag has become more experienced, it is no longer necessary but I am still an absolute proponent of Cavalor ® Take It Easy! Raf also uses Cavalor Take It Easy ® with his Thoroughbred horses. They are really quiet but they remain easy to ride and are not lazy. Now with the new formula, the product is even simpler to use! It is the best! Nina Tuytelaers - Kooremans



Another success story from Carol Wilson and Ted Alexander

"Ted and I would like to thank Peter Bollen (founder of Cavalor) for sharing Cavalor with us. He opened our eyes in many ways.  But most important, he showed us how we can help our horses perform to their best ability.  We had great success feeding our race horses the Cavalor products. They started out on the feed and then we supplemented them as suggested. We gave Endurix with Super Force, An Energy Boost, Take It Easy and Free Bute Pro. Two wins! The best of all is that they were long shots!  We're not picked to finish anywhere on the tote, both to be last in fact. Our horses blew out of the gates and didn't weaken at all!  A Rare Corona improved his time by 4 tenths and ran his fastest Speed Index of 93. Ivolene just couldn't get there previously but he outran some very tough horses.  As I said he was picked to run dead last!  We are so excited, thankful, blessed, amazed! Need I say more?

Thanks a lot Peter, we hope to meet up with you again. Love meeting great people!"


We are so happy to hear that Carol Wilson and Ted Alexander's horses are having such a good results with Endurix, Super Force, An Energy Boost, Take It Easy and Free Bute Pro. We wish them the very best for the future!


Additional Information & Education

• Cavalor Take It Easy contains a high dosis of Tryptophane
• Completed with Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Magnesium
• Can be combined with Cavalor Pianissimo, Cavalor SoZen or Cavalor Calm for optimal results.

Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Ash


Crude Fibre










Vitamin A

3 450 IU/kg

Vitamin D3

542.40 IU/kg

Vitamin E

96.6 mg



Feed Detail Sheet