Cavalor Pianissimo.


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Estimated quantity per 220 lbs of live body weight in addition to at least 16 lbs of roughage [hay]. Maintenance: max 0.8 lbs; Light exertion: max 1 lb; medium exertion: max 1.5 lbs. For additional body conditioning feed 3 lbs per 220 lbs of live body weight per day.


Bags of 44 lbs


Lisa Childers (US)


We have had our horses on this feed for 2½ weeks. We are feeding our mare 1/2 scoop of the Cavalor® Pianissimo and a ½ scoop of Cavalor® Strucomix Original. Before feeding her Cavalor, she was very active in the stall and would kick and bite at the walls. If you had her on a lunge line, she would buck and take off. She no longer kicks in the stall and while being worked she is - lazy. We love the new behavior and had no idea that this feed could fix these problems. We have a total of four horses on a type of Cavalor feed and have nothing but good things to say about the feed. All of our horses’ coats are shiny and our colts have even started to build muscle, which was a struggle with our past feed. We are barrel racers and have one of our futurity colts on this feed and he has had amazing results as well from being focused, energized, and putting on a healthy weight. We our telling everyone we ride with about this feed!

Lisa Childers



Martha Bennett, DVM

"I grew up on a farm with an equine veterinarian as a father and cannot remember a time when I did not own horses. I went to college at Auburn University where I earned a BS in Animal Science and my DVM and I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 12 years. When I started playing polo six years ago I fed my horses Purina Strategy. I trusted the company and I was very familiar with their research in animal nutrition. Because I frequently advise my clients not to make changes in an animal's nutrition unless there is a good reason to do so I was very reluctant to make a change myself. A Cavalor representative started talking to me about Cavalor over a year ago but I really was not interested in switching feed as my ponies were doing great. I continued talking to Libby and did some research on my own and began really thinking about my program. I had several older horses, two that were difficult to keep weight on, and another that was frequently choking on her pellets if they weren't fed to her very slowly. Maybe "great" wasn't the right word.

I switched all of my horses to Cavalor three months ago and have been absolutely thrilled. I'm no longer feeding supplements. My thin ones have picked up weight in spite of it being winter. And I have not had a single choking incident. I'm also very happy with how much the horses like it, even the ones that were never good eaters are excited at feeding time.

Thank you Cavalor for your contributions to equine nutrition and thank you to my Cavalor representative, Libby Cifuni for convincing me to make the change."

Martha Bennett, DVM
Senior Clinician - Emergency Service
Emergency Veterinarian Manager
Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners - Brentwood, TN


Bob and Katherine Thornton

We have a mare that has difficulty focusing and needs a fair amount of grain and forage to stay in good weight. A professional rider we respect recommended feeding Cavalor® Pianissimo and we have had wonderful success. Cavalor has given us the horse we always knew was "in there"! We also use Cavalor® Performix and Cavalor® Strucomix Senior as a top dress for our other eventers. The horses love Cavalor feeds and they thrive on them.

Bob and Katherine Thornton


Dr. April Austin, PHD English Professor at UMKC.

"I have a 6-year-old Hanoverian gelding that just won 1st level test two and was second in first level test three with scores above 68%. My horse is on eight acres of grass and I wanted a low starch feed that would still support his growth and attitude. Cavalor® Pianissimo fits perfectly as a wholefood feed and keeps my young horse focused and building muscle." - Dr. April Austin, PHD English Professor at UMKC.

Lauren Billys, Puerto Rican Event Team Rider

"Before I started using Cavalor my horses were on a very popular feed here in the U.S. and I was frustrated with the lack of variety for sport horses. I have two very different mares that were basically being fed the same thing. When I made the switch, I put my very quiet mare, Ginger, on Cavalor® Endurix and have since moved up to the advanced level in eventing. Now I actually feel her finishing a competition strong and with energy, which was something I had never felt before. For my young horse that's a bit of a wild child, she needed something to fill out her body while taking away that edge. I put her on Cavalor® Pianissimo and it's been a total transformation. I now have to ride her with spurs and she's the quietest horse in the barn." Lauren Billys, Puerto Rican Event Team Rider

Tatiana Dzavik, Jumper.

"I have all our horses on Cavalor and I use all different types. The Cavalor® Pianissimo is great for the hot horses and the Cavalor® Superforce is great for those that need energy." Tatiana Dzavik, Jumper.

Diana Renihan, Professional Hunter/Jumper and Hunt Seat Equitation rider.

"It [Cavalor] was recommended to me because I had two jumpers that were almost unmanageable they were so hot. After three weeks on the Cavalor® Pianissimo I could see a huge change in their attitudes. I'm not taking my horses off of Cavalor because their attitudes are so easy to manage now." - Diana Renihan, Professional Hunter/Jumper and Hunt Seat Equitation rider.

Heather Mehal, Trainer at Big Dog Stables in Granville, OH

"My 25-year-old mare started chocking and I spoke with my local Cavalor rep because she's also a really picky eater. My rep suggested I try Cavalor for Trilly and my other horse, Handsome, who's energy was never where I wanted it to be. Trilly loves the feed and nickers for her food. Her coat also looks great. Handsome is starting to put on muscle and gain a topline without getting hot. The horses love it and their energy is where it needs to be."

Heather Mehal, Trainer at Big Dog Stables in Granville, OH.


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Cavalor® Pianissimo

Cavalor® Pianissimo is a calming feed specially formulated for hot horses and horses prone to stress while containing the nutrients needed for a well-balanced and complete sport horse feed. This feed is suitable for horses on stall rest. Horses on stall rest are usually given less feed and more roughage to reduce the level of energy ingested due to the lack of exercise during this period. This feeding alteration can result in a nutritional imbalance (nutritional deficiency). Cavalor® Pianissimo is low in protein content making it suitable for feeding in addition to protein-rich roughage (such as alfalfa or spring grass) while avoiding an excess of protein. The low protein content in Cavalor® Pianissimo makes it ideal for horses slowing down training after a competition season, horses temporarily at rest (recovery) or horses sensitive to high levels of protein. The low levels of protein also make this feed suitable for active competition horses that are hot or prone to stress. Cavalor® Pianissimo includes CALMIX to promote calming and stress-relief to help the horse relax and become more focused in their day to day work. With a blend of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and proteins that have been long observed to have a settling effect on more high strung horses, CALMIX allows the horse to perform at the highest levels in a more controlled manner without reducing expression or ability. Cavalor® Pianissimo is also enriched with OMEGA 3 PLUS to support general fitness and well-being, and FLORASTIMUL to promote healthy digestion.

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