Cavalor Hoof Conditioner

Hoof balm based on natural fats and laurel.

Extended information

Indication for use

Apply several times a week on cleaned hooves.


Packaging: tub of 1000 ml/33.8 fl. oz.


Will Cavalor Hoof Conditioner make my horse’s hooves shiny?
Cavalor Hoof Conditionner does not merely give the horn a pretty shine. It penetrates the horn to nourish the hoof deeper.
Can I use Cavalor Hoof Conditioner on wet hooves?
Yes, the results are even better on wet hooves!


Sheila Ellis

Since I started feeding Cavalor, I have taken a second off my time and am improving with every run. My horses are in great shape and have shiny coats and good feet.

Sheila Ellis, 
Jopin, MO
Barrel Racer US


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Natural greases beneficial for the hooves

Indication for use

Cavalor Hoof Conditioner is a mix of natural greases that are known to be beneficial for the hoof. Cavalor Hoof Conditioner provides the necessary ingredients to keeps the hoof healthy.

Cavalor Hoof conditioner should be applied several times a week on the cleaned hoof. For hooves in very bad condition, it is advised to wet the hoof before applying Cavalor Hoof Conditioner.

- Jar of 1000 ml